About Us

Do you want to achive better results from your Facebook ad campaigns? We have the solution.

Bionico is a highly optimized and efficient way to run your advertising campaigns, part human and part machine we can help you achieve better results with Facebook Ads.

Started in 2013 with a few friends our goal has been--educating, servicing and delivering performace on our clients' Facebook ad campaigns. Now, we would like to invite you to try our services.

How we do it:

Bionico manages Facebook Ads with the primary focus of returning performance by providing consulting services and optimized results for your ad campaigns. Bionico operates a performance tool that has access to Facebook Ads API. The tool is capable of managing multiple ads simultaneously, analyzing trends in click through rate (CTR), discarding ads that aren't successful and investing more in ads that are providing better results, all in real time. Our customers usually pay Facebook directly based on the cost per Click (CPI), while we charge the customer for the optimization, results and services. In a sense, Bionico is a results oriented performance tool.

If you want better results, contact us, we can help you! We are Bionico, a highly optimized and efficient way to manage your Facebook ad campaigns.


Our Process

Goal & Analyze

Before we start we define your goals for the campaign which are dependent on your needs. Your goal could be for increasing your current covension rate, achieving more app installations, increasing sales of a particular product on your eCommerce site, or a simply branding campaign to achive more fans. After the goal is defined, we analyze the creative assets you have for your capaigns and provide you consulting services on what works best.

Consult & Launch

The feedback we provide is based on our 15 years of experience with advertising and past results with other sucessful capaigns. Throughout the lifecycle of the campaign we work close with your marketing managers on providing resports constantly. Such service includes but it is not limited to, refining the goal of the campaign, providing expertise on the type of text to use, most favorable terms and art work that are performing at best.

Report & Adapt

The resports we provided are one of the best and most elaborate benefits and services we provide to you. They will enable you to make inteligent decisions on the state of the campaign. The respots give a clear and consive view of the capaign results enabling you to quickly adjust the campaign to a more targeted approach to achieve better performce. Reports can be provided weekly or more often, depending on our clients' neeeds.